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World’s second Android powered phone available in Australia

Android, Browsers, Google, Mobile phones December 8th, 2008

Its developed by a company called Cogan, and the models are called Agora and Agora pro. It looks very similar to Samsung Blackjack, and has touchscreen, camera, wifi, gps etc. It is available now via Cogan’s web site for Australian $299. It apparently is also available for international purchase if you want to buy it outside Australia. The phone has a browser along with all the suite of Google applications. ......continue reading

Samsung Instinct holding well (despite Sprint loosing 900K subscribers)

Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Flash Enabled Devices, Mobile applications, Wireless Carriers August 19th, 2008

Sprint execs are taking big pride in the fact that the Instict sales are going very well, and that such phone wil stop the loss of the customers they’ve been experiencing. News that Instinct has set a new record for cellphone sales have been surfacing for some time. Best Buy for example, has claimed that Instict has been all time best seller for the company overtaking Motorola Razr. Sprint themselves have been making press releases about how fast Instinct sales have been growing and how it has lead to shortage in some markets. ......continue reading

iPhone and Flash Lite 3 port: A technical analysis

Browsers, Devices- iPhone, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, H.264, mpeg and other media codecs June 23rd, 2008

Much is being discussed about why Flash is not available on iPhone, and why it is taking so long for Adobe and Apple to release it and if it even will be released. Flash Lite has already been ported to several different devices, so there is no reason why it can not be ported to iPhone.. Whatever the reason may be, I have analyzed various hardware and software factors that could impact Flash port and performance on iPhone. In reality, if there is management will, a Flash port on iPhone is very much possible. From the technology perspective, the only limiting factor could be the performance which can be overcome by using video acceleration. ......continue reading

Samsung Instinct selling for $130

Devices- Embedded, Devices- iPhone, Mobile phones June 19th, 2008

Samsung Instinct, the phone that is meant to compete with iPhone will be sold for $130. On the first look, it seems to be as impressive as iPhone, and in fact even has more features that iPhone. Does anybody know if this works as good as iPhone? ......continue reading

Nokia has 39% of cell phone market in Q1/08

Mobile phones April 28th, 2008

 Nokia logo An article in Information week lists the top 5 cell phone makers as follows: ......continue reading