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Windows XP on ARM needed

Devices- Embedded, Devices- Handheld, OS- Embedded linux, OS- Windows Mobile/CE, Processors- ARM March 24th, 2009

Well- I am sure you’ve seen news of 1 GHz ARM coming to market soon. Freescale is planning on introducing MX51 which will have ARM Cortex A8. TI already has OMAP running at 600 MHz. OMAP Beagleboard already has a Linux distribution that runs XWindows, and one can easily build Netbook around it. ARM Coretex A8, which has ARMv7 instruction set is a powerful CPU capable of running XWindows at performance comparable to Atom. It is widely believed that ARM will be biggest competition to Intel in Netbook market, and having seen a few demo I believe that is very much possible. ......continue reading

Silverlight revisited

Desktop Flash Player, OS- Windows Mobile/CE, Operating Systems, Silverlight, Video Technology February 4th, 2009

I have been reading about Silverlight being adopted on more and more web sites so I thought I’d do some research and see where things stand. Here are some of my observations: ......continue reading

Flash Lite 3.1 ports available from Calsoftlabs- Dec 2009

Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports December 11th, 2008

We have an updated list of Flash Lite 3 ports available from California Software Labs on our web site. Check it out here. ......continue reading

Silverlight 2.0 is released

Desktop Flash Player, Operating Systems, Silverlight, Video Technology October 14th, 2008

Information Week is reporting that Microsoft has released Silverlight 2.0.  This version is a big step ahead of the earlier version which mostly supported video. Some of the things to note: ......continue reading

LiMo mobile linux takes on Nokia and Google

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, OS- Windows Mobile/CE, Operating Systems September 5th, 2008

Limo foundation, an open source Linux community for mobile phones has been doing well, and has just shipped 22nd mobilephone (Motorola Rokr EM30) with with Limo support. The foundation boasts 50 companies in its membership list, including heavyweights such as Motorola, Orange, NTT Docomo and Samsung. ......continue reading

Google has a new browser: ‘Chrome’

Browsers, Operating Systems September 2nd, 2008

Google has released its new browser called ‘Chrome’. The news was apparently leaked over the labor day weekend after it published a comic book to announce the new browser’s arrival. This is now getting very interesting. Internet Explorer 8 is offering a feature in which users can block user behavior tracking and its been marketed even on CNN. This  feature will basically block companies like Google from displaying relevant ads for its users. Well- Google has fired back- it has released its own browser! ......continue reading

Openmoko phones are already shipping

Android, Devices- Embedded, Devices- Handheld, Devices- iPhone, Mobile phones, OS- Embedded linux August 6th, 2008

Openmoko, an open Linux platform company, is exhibiting at Linuxworld Expo this week. They are showing three models shipping using their platform. The devices are GSM based and unlocked. Users can buy them today and use with AT&T and TMobile in USA. ......continue reading

Google Android phones on schedule for 2008(only 6 more months remain!)

Android, Devices- Embedded June 25th, 2008

Google is saying that they are on track to deliver Android based phones in the second half of this year. I am not sure if I agree, especially considering that the demos I have seen so far have been buggy and I would not call them of production quality. For example, one of the recent demos that I saw could only show video in a very small area of the screen and did not have any means to make it full screen. ......continue reading

Linux to be the most popular OS for MIDs(Mobile Internet Devices)

Devices- Embedded, Devices- iPhone, Mobile phones, OS- Embedded linux, Semiconductors June 15th, 2008

Apparently Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) is a term coined by Intel, and is used to refer to class of devices similar to Nokia’s N800. A new research report released by Forward Concept claims that Linux will be the most popular OS in the MIDs, and such devices will be dominated by ARM, not ATOM and Linux, not Windows. All the MID talk and emergence of new class of devices sounds  fascinating, but I have a fundamental question: ......continue reading

Flash 7 directfb Linux port available

Devices- Embedded, Devices- Set-top boxes, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Player 7 SDK, OS- Embedded linux June 9th, 2008

Flash 7 port running on directfb/gtk Linux is now available to OEM licensees. Directfb is popular in Set Top Boxes running Linux and is a much powerful layer than Linux framebuffer. Why would anyone still want Flash 7? Well ......continue reading

More on Flash Lite 3.X Linux Framebuffer port

Flash Lite 3 April 27th, 2008

I have been contacted by several people who expressed interest in finding more information about FL3.X framebuffer port. Here are some more details. ......continue reading

Flash Lite 3.1 now available

Flash Lite 3 April 21st, 2008

Flash Lite 3.1 port  is now available to OEMs. Here’s quick summary of what’s new in FL3.1: ......continue reading

Flash Lite 3 for GTK/X11 Linux and Firefox plug-in

Flash Lite 3 February 18th, 2008

California Software Labs, an authorized distributor of Adobe Flash player, has ported Flash Lite 3.0 to Linux. The port is for Enterprise Red Hat Linux, running on X86. It is expected that the PC will have a sufficiently powerful CPU (1GHz+) and decent memory (>512MB) and has X server running on top of GTK. (Essentially a complete desktop Linux environment). The port uses OSS for sound, and it is expected that the system has font support. ......continue reading

Linux and Flash Lite 3

Flash Lite 3 February 1st, 2008

Hmm… some of you may be wondering if Flash Lite 3 available on Linux! Well, you can come to Adobe distrobutor like California Software Labs (the company I work for that is :) ......continue reading