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Intel Canmore Flash Lite evaluation port available from Calsoftlabs

Devices- Embedded, Devices- Set-top boxes, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, OS- Embedded linux January 30th, 2009

Calsoftlabs, Intel and Adobe have been working on putting together an evaluation port for customers looking to develop devices using Intel’s Canmore. Intel Canmore, a media processor chip, also known as CE3100 is X86 based SoC. The chip is targeted towards consumer electronics products such as digital TV, set-top box, blue ray DVD and IPTV. The media processor combines leading-edge CE features for high-definition video support, home-theater quality audio and advanced 3-D graphics, with and offers performance, flexibility and compatibility of IA-based hardware and software. ......continue reading

Sigma Design chips to support Flash Lite

Devices- Embedded, Devices- Set-top boxes, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, Semiconductors January 13th, 2009

At CES, Sigma Design announced support for Flash Lite on Sigma Design chipset. Sigma chipsets are popular in set-top-box market and are also used in IPTV and DTVs. So with this, Flash Lite is officially supported on Broadcom, intel and Sigma Design. Intel is the upcoming player, but Broadcom and Sigma are dominant in the existing digital home market. ......continue reading

$199 laptop with Intel ‘not’ inside (and Flash Lite)

Flash Player 7 SDK January 7th, 2009

Freescale is demoing $199 laptop based on its latest 1GHz iMX515 processor at CES. The processor is based on ARM architecture and among other things offers support for codecs, OpenGL/VG and not to mention, Flash Lite. It claims that because of all the hardware support for Flash Lite, it will give users satisfactory experience. ......continue reading

After Intel, its Broadcom

Devices- Embedded, Devices- Set-top boxes, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite ports, Semiconductors January 7th, 2009

Well- Flash Lite is coming to Broadcom chips also. Broadcom and Adobe Systems have announced that they will work together to integrate Adobe’s Flash Lite into Broadcom’s latest digital television and set-top box system-on-a-chip platforms. Adobe Flash Lite 3 software will be supported in Broadcom’s BCM3549, BCM3556, BCM7400 and BCM7405 system-on-a-chip solutions. The Flash-enabled products are expected to be available to manufacturers in the first half of 2009. ......continue reading

Intel and Adobe offer chicken in every pot (err… Flash on every HDTV)

Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Embedded, Devices- Set-top boxes, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports January 5th, 2009

Adobe and Intel’s press release today says that they are working on a Flash port for Intel’s latest Camore platform. The CE3100 platform is a X86 based SoC targetted towards consumer market. More specifically the chip targets Set-top box, digital TV, blue ray DVD and retail connected A/V devices. The chip offers high definition decoder to facilitate decoding. With this port, the OEMs will be able to purchase Flash Lite 3 running on Intel platform. ......continue reading

Update: “Intel to Apple-use our processor so you can run Flash!”

Devices- Cellphones, Flash Lite 3, Flash Player 7 SDK, Processors- ARM October 28th, 2008

OK- since Intel blamed Apple for choosing ARM (and not having Flash), it has sort of issued an apology saying that the comments were inappropriate.  One of the main reasons why Atom is not in iPhone is clearly because of its power consumption. If one was to put Atom in iPhone, the battery may just drain in few minutes as compared to a few hours today. Atom may be much better suited to run Flash, but an iPhone that needs charging every few hours isn’t going to do any good to Apple or us! ......continue reading

Intel to Apple: Use our processor so you can run Flash!

Devices- iPhone, Flash Enabled Devices, Processors- ARM, Semiconductors October 23rd, 2008

In a recent Intel Developer Conference at Taipei, Intel blamed Apple’s choice of ARM for not having Flash on iPhone.  Duh…. From the release: ......continue reading

Intel’s atoms

Devices- Embedded, Semiconductors June 3rd, 2008

 intel-atoms.jpeg                                                           Oops- I meant Intel’s Atom processor. Intel is moving full steam with it. Apparently Intel’s keynote at Computex in Taipei focused on mobile devices, and announcement of its new line of Atom processors, codenamed ‘Diamondville’. ......continue reading

Intel’s Atom: ARM killer?

Devices- Embedded, Semiconductors March 22nd, 2008

Intel recently announced a new brand name for its low power processor family- ‘Atom’. These processors have Core 2 duo instruction set, and is meant for consumer and mobile devices, a market currently dominated by ARM. Intel hopes to wrestle significant market share from ARM when the device starts shipping. ......continue reading