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Chrome dropping support for H.264=big win for Flash?

Flash Lite ports March 10th, 2011

Google has recently announced that they are dropping support for H.264 in Chrome browser. What this means that the developers wanting to use H.264 video in their HTML5 content will have to encode it using WebM or Theora video codecs. WebM is based on the On2 technology’s VP8¬† codec that Google acquired last year. ......continue reading

Youtube to start publishing in 1080P HD

Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- Embedded, Flash 10, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, H.264, mpeg and other media codecs, Mobile applications, Rich Internet Applications November 16th, 2009

Via youtube blog- “Starting next week, YouTube’s HD mode will add support for viewing videos in 720p or 1080p, depending on the resolution of the original source, up from our maximum output of 720p today.” Youtube is slowly trying to improve the quality of its content and already has XL (Extra Large) version. (Extra large version is meant for large screen and only has h.264 videos from what I’ve seen). A limited youtube content can be viewed outside of Flash, and I am sure h.264 is the preferred format for 1080P. Today, for mobile or embedded devices, one needs to develop a special player to support youtube if Flash Lite is not available. Flash 10.1, when available this playing field will be equal. May be devices with a tiny HD projectors will emerge then. ......continue reading

On2’s VP6/VP8 and h.264

Desktop Flash Player, Flash Enabled Devices, H.264, mpeg and other media codecs, On2 and Sorenson/FLV September 15th, 2008

On2 Technologies recently announced results of Q2, and a complete transcript of the call is avaialble on Seeking Alpha. Some of the interesting things that I gathered from the script: ......continue reading

iPhone and Flash Lite 3 port: A technical analysis

Browsers, Devices- iPhone, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, H.264, mpeg and other media codecs June 23rd, 2008

Much is being discussed about why Flash is not available on iPhone, and why it is taking so long for Adobe and Apple to release it and if it even will be released. Flash Lite has already been ported to several different devices, so there is no reason why it can not be ported to iPhone.. Whatever the reason may be, I have analyzed various hardware and software factors that could impact Flash port and performance on iPhone. In reality, if there is management will, a Flash port on iPhone is very much possible. From the technology perspective, the only limiting factor could be the performance which can be overcome by using video acceleration. ......continue reading

Flash Lite 3.1 now available

Flash Lite 3 April 21st, 2008

Flash Lite 3.1 port¬† is now available to OEMs. Here’s quick summary of what’s new in FL3.1: ......continue reading