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Google acquires On2

Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Player 7 SDK, Google, H.264, mpeg and other media codecs, On2 and Sorenson/FLV August 5th, 2009

Fiercemobile is reporting that On2 Technologies has been acquired by Google. As you know, On2 VP6 codec has been at the heart of Flash since Flash 8 and is popular in video streaming. Google apparently paid $106.5 million. Read the press release here. ......continue reading

Google introduces AdSense for mobile search

Devices- Cellphones, Google, Mobile applications, Mobile phones February 26th, 2009

Google has enhanced its adsense program for mobile phones recently. The new adsense program is targetted towards the mobile network operator and website owners and will allow search capabilities. From the picture it looks like the search box will look similar to desktop. Google has had adsense for Mobile for some time but only recently added the search capability. ......continue reading

Palm introducing new OS: Nova

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Google, Operating Systems December 16th, 2008

According the a recent press release in Information Week, Palm will be introducing a new operating system called Nova next month. The OS is supposed to be ‘ mobile internet centric’. I am not sure what that means, but my guess is that it will allow for faster internet downloads, better user experience and perhaps more internet friendly services. It is not known what device will support the OS either. If this is a completely redesigned OS, then Palm will be at great disadvantage if the existing applications don’t run. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. ......continue reading

G-phone reviewed

Android, Devices- Handheld, Google September 25th, 2008

Well- Google has delivered. As promisedm new HTC Dream showed up on September 23. On first look, the device does look very slick and powerful. Information Week has published a very detailed review of G-phone. Take a look at it here......continue reading

Android to capture 4% of US smartphone market in Q4/2008?

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Mobile phones, Operating Systems, Wireless Carriers September 23rd, 2008

According to a research report released by Strategy Analytics, Android based smartphones will account for 4% of the market in Q4/2008.  They expect total of 10.5 million smart phones sold during this time, of which 400,000 will be Android based phones. ......continue reading

Google Android phone coming on Sept 23?

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- Embedded, Devices- iPhone, Operating Systems September 16th, 2008

Reuters is reporting that TMobile will offer first Android phone on Sept 23. The cell phones will be made by Taiwan’s High Tech Computer (HTC). From the press release: ......continue reading

Chrome being ported to ARM (and your cell phone)

Android, Browsers, Devices- Cellphones, Google September 11th, 2008

Embedded.com is reporting that Google Chrome has been ported to ARM, and will soon be available for cell phones. Chrome is based on Webkit, and claims to have much faster page load times than competing browsers, in addition to the stability it provides.  Chrome also uses a JVM called V8 which is supposed to be 10 times the other JVMs available elsewhere. ......continue reading

Google to create Android Marketplace

Android, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, OS- Embedded linux September 2nd, 2008

Android developers’ blog by Eric Chu provided details of the ANdroid market place for developers. Developers can register themselves as merchant on the portal, upload their applications and publish. Unlike Apple, this means that Google will not be taking a cut from the revenue generated. Good news for developers indeed!! ......continue reading

Flash content to become more search friendly

Browsers, Desktop Flash Player July 5th, 2008

Adobe is working with Yahoo and Google to make Flash content searchable. Adobe has give ‘optimized’ Flash player to both that they can use to index. As of now, the search engines can not really look inside the Flash content. With this new technology, you can look inside the content and the search results will have urls that are created using Adobe’s Flash technology. ......continue reading

Symbian open source to benefit Google?

Android, Devices- iPhone July 1st, 2008

Huh? Why would Google benefit from Nokia’s move? After all the move was meant to give leg up to Symbian over Android. Symbian is the most dominant OS in mobile world, the logically thinking, after making it open source, more companies would start using it since now its free. ......continue reading

Google Android phones on schedule for 2008(only 6 more months remain!)

Android, Devices- Embedded June 25th, 2008

Google is saying that they are on track to deliver Android based phones in the second half of this year. I am not sure if I agree, especially considering that the demos I have seen so far have been buggy and I would not call them of production quality. For example, one of the recent demos that I saw could only show video in a very small area of the screen and did not have any means to make it full screen. ......continue reading