Welcome to Embeddedflash.com. Its 2014 and the landscape in multimedia world has changed quite a bit HTML5 standard is complete and Flash is no longer existent on mobile. I've also taken a short break from blog but I hope to restart it in the near future. I am no longer functioning as Adobe's Scaling Partner and looking for new opportunities. If you are looking for a technically savvy, energetic business development, marketing or sales person, please email me.

End of life for Flash etc…

Android, Desktop Flash Player, Flash 10, Flash 11, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite ports, Operating Systems, Processors- ARM January 25th, 2012

Much is being debated about Adobe’s decision to end life for Flash mobile. Remarks have ranged from ‘didn’t Steve Jobs say so’ to ‘what the *#$$’ to ‘I feel like I’ve been let down by Adobe’ and so on. While I am sure Adobe has its own reasons, but in my opinion, it simply came down to ‘Return on Investment’. Now keep in mind, we are Adobe’s scaling partners. So our goal is also to make profit with Flash player (identical to Adobe’s), and have experienced every pain that Adobe has. In this capitalist world, goal of any business is to create ‘value’ in exchange of the ‘effort’ one puts in. In this case, it was just a matter of deciding whether the return on investment on Flash was worth the effort. Ultimately Adobe decided to follow route that would generate dollars as a business and in the process ended up killing Flash on mobile. ......continue reading

Flash 10 on i.MX51 reference platform certified

Devices-PC, Flash 10, Flash Enabled Devices, OS- Embedded linux, Processors- ARM July 12th, 2011

We’ve been working closely with Freescale for a while now on certification of Flash 10.1. I am glad to inform that Flash 10.1 has been certified on MX51 platform. The certification is complete for both Android as well as Linux. Freescale’s i.MX 51 platform features a 800 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor featuring Neon instruction set. The platform also offers a Hardware accelerator support for H.264 alongwith hardware alpha blending and color space conversation support. The port is available to customers via Freescale immediately. ......continue reading

FITC Mobile 2010 in September

Android, Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- Handheld, Devices- iPhone, Flash 10, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite 4, Google, HTML5, Mobile applications, Mobile phones August 18th, 2010

Well, I have been lazy of late when it comes to blogging. There is lot of interesting stuff happening, but haven’t really had a chance to blog due to work and other commitments. But I thought I’d write a quick note about the FITC Mobile event coming up in Toronto. Our friends at the FITC have generously offered me a giveaway ticket to the Festival ($199 value). If you are interested, please contact me. The event is taking place on September 16-18 and focuses on all the cool stuff- Flash, Android, iPhone. ......continue reading

Youtube will stick with Flash for foreseeable future

Flash Lite ports July 8th, 2010

Youtbube API blog posted by John Harding suggests that Youtube has no intention to switching to HTML5 to serve youtube videos. The blog post goes onto list several shortcomings of HTML5 that prevents Youtube from making a switch and suggests that youtube will stick with Flash for some time - especially now that Flash has announced that it will support VP8 codec in future Flash releases. DRM, streaming, microphone/camera support, video embedding- stuff that Youtube lives off- all seems to go in favor of Flash. ......continue reading

Flash Lite 4 on X86 Linux Framebuffer available

Flash 10, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 4, Flash Lite ports, OS- Embedded linux, Operating Systems May 9th, 2010

We now have Flash Lite 4 port available on X86 running Linux Framebuffer. Why do you need port on X86 when Flash Lite 4 is meant for low end devices? Well- there are two reasons. ......continue reading

Flash Lite 4 port available for TI OMAP

Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 4, Flash Lite ports, OS- Embedded linux, Processors- ARM May 4th, 2010

Calsoftlabs has ported Flash Lite 4 to TI OMAP running on Beagleboard. The port runs on Rev 3 of the board running Linux Framebuffer. An evaluation package is being put together and available to OEMs upon request. ......continue reading

Skyfire browser coming to Android

Android, Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Cellphones, Flash 10, Flash Enabled Devices, Mobile phones, Rich Internet Applications February 12th, 2010

Skyfire, a browser technology that essentially is an example of successful cloud computing, has purchased a company called Kolbysoft. Kolbysoft makes a Webkit browser that runs on Android. The motive? To bring similar cloud computing technology to Android. Which will mean that Flash 10 among other latest browser technologies will be available on Android. ......continue reading

Flash 10 is now optimized for ARM

Devices- Embedded, Flash 10, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite ports, H.264, mpeg and other media codecs, Operating Systems, Processors- ARM October 5th, 2009

ARM announced today that Flash 10 has been optimized for ARM Cortex-A series of processors. This is great news. In our experience, Cortex-A handles Flash content very well and we have been able to obtain satisfactory experience on a VGA or even higher resolution monitors for video. I hope that the optimized version takes  advantage of the NEON instruction set freeing up CPU to do other tasks. There are however several unanswered questions: ......continue reading

More on upcoming Flash 10 support

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- Handheld, Devices- iPhone, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite ports, Google, Mobile applications, Mobile phones June 23rd, 2009

I found this quote from Shantanu on Information Week- “We are bringing Flash Player 10 to smartphone class devices to enable the latest web browsing experience. Multiple partners have already received early versions of this release and we expect to release a beta version for developers at our MAX Conference in October. Google’s Android, Nokia’s Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, and the New Palm Web OS will be among the first devices to support web browsing with the newest Flash player” ......continue reading

Windows Mobile Flash and PC like browsing analyzed

Browsers, Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Cellphones, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, Mobile phones, OS- Windows Mobile/CE, Operating Systems March 3rd, 2009

According to Microsoft’s Senior Vice President for Mobile Communication group, Flash Lite is an integral part of Windows Mobile future strategy. In a recent interview with Tech Flash, he emphasized that Flash helps make the browsing experience more PC like and therefore will be a key differentiator for Windows Mobile moving forward. ......continue reading

Adobe AIR surpasses 100 million installations

Desktop Flash Player, Devices-PC, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Player 7 SDK, On2 and Sorenson/FLV, Video Technology February 11th, 2009

At Adobe MAX in Japan, Adobe anounced that till date there have been more than 100 million installations of AIR. More impressive than that is the fact that Flash 10 is already on 55 percent of worldwide PCs, and is expected to go to 80% in Q2/09. Some other interesting points are: ......continue reading

Does Flash 10 take advantage of the graphics chipsets for acceleration?

Desktop Flash Player, On2 and Sorenson/FLV, Video Technology October 16th, 2008

One of the newer additions to Flash 10 is its ability to do all sorts of custom filters and effects. These filters are implemented using Pixel Bender engine and according to a report in PCMag takes advantage of graphics chipset on a PC. This engine was formerly called ‘Hydra’ and essentially allows the filters to be run on the content. The content could be animation or video. ......continue reading

Flash 10 new version released

Desktop Flash Player, Devices- iPhone, Flash Enabled Devices July 7th, 2008

Adobe has released a new version of Flash 10. And a lot of buzz is being generated by the Tinic Euro’s (Principal Flash developer) blog that talks about 3X increase in Mac OsX performance using GUIMark. Some people have taken that as a hint that this is a preview of things to come, and that Apple will offer Flash10 on iPhone. ......continue reading