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Second Android phone Agora delayed indefinitely

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Google, Mobile phones January 22nd, 2009

Second smartphone based on Google’s Android, the Kogan Agora Pro, has been delayed indefinitely according to a story on CNET. The reason for the delay is apparently its low-resolution display which limits compatibility and operability in the near future. ......continue reading

Windows Mobile and Flash Lite support

Browsers, Devices- Cellphones, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, OS- Windows Mobile/CE January 14th, 2009

There were a few ‘brief’ demos shown at CES of Fash Lite running on Windows Mobile, according to an article in Tech Radar. The Flash Lite is supposed to be available on new version of Windows Mobile devices in the first quarter of 2009, but apparently one can not upgrade existing handsets. ......continue reading

Chrome being ported to ARM (and your cell phone)

Android, Browsers, Devices- Cellphones, Google September 11th, 2008

Embedded.com is reporting that Google Chrome has been ported to ARM, and will soon be available for cell phones. Chrome is based on Webkit, and claims to have much faster page load times than competing browsers, in addition to the stability it provides.  Chrome also uses a JVM called V8 which is supposed to be 10 times the other JVMs available elsewhere. ......continue reading

Is Google Android being secretely released to selected companies?

Android, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, Operating Systems July 25th, 2008

An article in Linuxworld talks how one of the Google employee mistakenly sent a note to entire group rather than selected devlopers regarding the latest SDK release. This clearly pointed that Google has been developing a new version of SDK and releasing it to only selected ‘favored’ people. ......continue reading

Samsung Instinct selling for $130

Devices- Embedded, Devices- iPhone, Mobile phones June 19th, 2008

Samsung Instinct, the phone that is meant to compete with iPhone will be sold for $130. On the first look, it seems to be as impressive as iPhone, and in fact even has more features that iPhone. Does anybody know if this works as good as iPhone? ......continue reading

Linux to be the most popular OS for MIDs(Mobile Internet Devices)

Devices- Embedded, Devices- iPhone, Mobile phones, OS- Embedded linux, Semiconductors June 15th, 2008

Apparently Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) is a term coined by Intel, and is used to refer to class of devices similar to Nokia’s N800. A new research report released by Forward Concept claims that Linux will be the most popular OS in the MIDs, and such devices will be dominated by ARM, not ATOM and Linux, not Windows. All the MID talk and emergence of new class of devices sounds  fascinating, but I have a fundamental question: ......continue reading

Why has mobile video phone not taken off?

Mobile phones, Video Technology June 4th, 2008

Nokia logo                            Well- the answer is simple. According to Nokia, people want to look good when they are speaking on the video phone. Therefore, video mobile phone will not take off as long as people are insecure about their appearance :) ......continue reading

TI’s Android prototype

Flash Enabled Devices February 16th, 2008

 TI’s Android prototype ......continue reading