Welcome to Embeddedflash.com. Its 2014 and the landscape in multimedia world has changed quite a bit HTML5 standard is complete and Flash is no longer existent on mobile. I've also taken a short break from blog but I hope to restart it in the near future. I am no longer functioning as Adobe's Scaling Partner and looking for new opportunities. If you are looking for a technically savvy, energetic business development, marketing or sales person, please email me.

Renesas Devcon 2010- session on multimedia technology

Android, Desktop Flash Player, Flash 10, Flash Lite ports, Google, H.264, mpeg and other media codecs, HTML5, Media players, On2 and Sorenson/FLV, Operating Systems, Processors- ARM, Semiconductors October 19th, 2010

Recently I had a privilege to be on the panel at Renesas Devcon 2010. Renesas, for those of you don’t know, is one of the top chip companies and has a large portfolio of microcontrollers.  I was one of the panelists on ‘Meet the Experts’ session that focused on multimedia technologies. The session was titled “Multimedia Issues in Embedded Systems Design”. The audience was fairly interactive during the session and the discussion centered around on Android, Flash, Video, Audio, Hardware decoders and in general challenges in designing successful products. Some of the key giveaways I noted from the session are as follows. ......continue reading

S60 5th edition and Flash Lite

Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Cellphones, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, Mobile phones, Operating Systems October 7th, 2008

Nokia has released S60 5th edition SDK and tools. The first S60 5th edition based phone is going to 5800 Xpress. The release is expected to be much more advanced that earlier editions, especially with Flash Lite integration. ......continue reading

Who needs mp3 format? Lossless compression coming to portable devices

Media players May 21st, 2008

Austria Microsystems has introduced a media player IC that handles lossless compression. The story goes on to saying that people apparently are not impressed with the audio quality of mp3s compared to CDs. ......continue reading

Oregon networks’ Flash player

Devices- Embedded, Flash Enabled Devices March 2nd, 2008

Oregon networks has a Flash clone player capable of playing Flash 7 content. Oregon networks offers solutions for home media networking, and claim that their products can run on set top boxes, handheld devices, gaming consoles, dvd players etc. ......continue reading

Flash Lite 3 for GTK/X11 Linux and Firefox plug-in

Flash Lite 3 February 18th, 2008

California Software Labs, an authorized distributor of Adobe Flash player, has ported Flash Lite 3.0 to Linux. The port is for Enterprise Red Hat Linux, running on X86. It is expected that the PC will have a sufficiently powerful CPU (1GHz+) and decent memory (>512MB) and has X server running on top of GTK. (Essentially a complete desktop Linux environment). The port uses OSS for sound, and it is expected that the system has font support. ......continue reading

Flash player as an application on top of OS

Flash Player 7 SDK January 9th, 2008

For those of you who are planning on using Flash to an embedded device, please keep in mind that Flash requires multitudes of support from OS. The device configuration (in terms of peripherals, RAM, display, input devices etc). can impact the Flash significantly. In general, just because Flash runs on a device running say Linux, doesn’t mean that it’ll run on any device running Linux. Depending on how different the configuration is, it may require complete rework or minor change. ......continue reading