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A $99 iPhone

Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Mobile applications, Mobile phones February 10th, 2009

MSNBC is reporting that Apple may be working on a $99 iPhone. The phone will have limited features but will be identical to the current iPhone in terms of look and feel. Read the story here. ......continue reading

Steve Jobs won’t be keynoting at last Macworld in 2009

Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone December 17th, 2008

Apple is saying goodbye to the MacWorld conference. The conference is taking place in January in San Francisco’s Mascone Center. The conference apparently ‘no longer met its need’ according to Apple. Apple has traditionally announced its new products in MacWorld conference, but lately has been using other methods for that purpose. Steve Jobs will also not be presenting at the conference. The reason is not known, but some people suspect his health as a possible reason. Others are speculating that there is nothing new at Apple, and therefore Steve Job’s keynote won’t do any good to the company. ......continue reading

Palm introducing new OS: Nova

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Google, Operating Systems December 16th, 2008

According the a recent press release in Information Week, Palm will be introducing a new operating system called Nova next month. The OS is supposed to be ‘ mobile internet centric’. I am not sure what that means, but my guess is that it will allow for faster internet downloads, better user experience and perhaps more internet friendly services. It is not known what device will support the OS either. If this is a completely redesigned OS, then Palm will be at great disadvantage if the existing applications don’t run. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. ......continue reading

Apple sued over iPhone mobile browser

Browsers, Devices- Embedded, Devices- iPhone, Mobile phones November 25th, 2008

Fiercemobilecontent is reporting that a startup EMG Technology has filed a lawsuit against Apple, The lawsuite alleges that Apple is violating one of its patent in developing the mobile web browser. The article seems to suggest that the lawsuite has no merit, and will most likely will not go to far. ......continue reading

JavaFX: new competition to Flash?

Desktop Flash Player, Flash Enabled Devices, Media players, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, Silverlight November 11th, 2008

Sun has recenlty announced a new technology called JavaFX. JavaFX will have a scripting language similar to Actionscript, and will operate in a similar manner to Javascript. JavaFX will also have a timline engine similar to the one offered by Flash. JavaFX applications will run within or outside of the browser. The application can run with or without the internet connections. ......continue reading

Update: “Intel to Apple-use our processor so you can run Flash!”

Devices- Cellphones, Flash Lite 3, Flash Player 7 SDK, Processors- ARM October 28th, 2008

OK- since Intel blamed Apple for choosing ARM (and not having Flash), it has sort of issued an apology saying that the comments were inappropriate.  One of the main reasons why Atom is not in iPhone is clearly because of its power consumption. If one was to put Atom in iPhone, the battery may just drain in few minutes as compared to a few hours today. Atom may be much better suited to run Flash, but an iPhone that needs charging every few hours isn’t going to do any good to Apple or us! ......continue reading

Intel to Apple: Use our processor so you can run Flash!

Devices- iPhone, Flash Enabled Devices, Processors- ARM, Semiconductors October 23rd, 2008

In a recent Intel Developer Conference at Taipei, Intel blamed Apple’s choice of ARM for not having Flash on iPhone.  Duh…. From the release: ......continue reading

Nokia 5800 Xpress (will hopefully have Flash Lite in first release)

Devices- Cellphones, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, Operating Systems October 6th, 2008

The long-awaited touch screen mobile cell phone will be available on the fourth quarter. However, the new 5800 will not work exactly the same way as the iPhone. For instance, it will now allow users to zoom in and out by using two fingers as a point of motion. You must have seen the latest model from Nokia- 5800 Xpress. The new model will be available in Q4/08 and is supposed to compete with iPhone. The phone has touchscreen, 8G of RAM, users can download music from Nokia store just like Apple store, has a powerful 3.2MP camera, GPS, 3G, Wifi, full browser and is supposed to run video at 30 fps . It was not clear to me if the phone will run Symbian OS, but I am fairly sure it is going to be Symbian. It was also not clear to me if the phone has accelerometer like iPhone. ......continue reading

Google Android phone coming on Sept 23?

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- Embedded, Devices- iPhone, Operating Systems September 16th, 2008

Reuters is reporting that TMobile will offer first Android phone on Sept 23. The cell phones will be made by Taiwan’s High Tech Computer (HTC). From the press release: ......continue reading

Google to create Android Marketplace

Android, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, OS- Embedded linux September 2nd, 2008

Android developers’ blog by Eric Chu provided details of the ANdroid market place for developers. Developers can register themselves as merchant on the portal, upload their applications and publish. Unlike Apple, this means that Google will not be taking a cut from the revenue generated. Good news for developers indeed!! ......continue reading

iPhone password hack

Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Flash Enabled Devices, Mobile applications, Mobile phones August 28th, 2008

Information week is reporting that iPhone suffers from password hack, and one can easily gain access to the entire iPhone. The way you do this is as follows: ......continue reading

Sproutcore: yet another competition for Flash

Devices- iPhone, Flash Lite ports, Mobile phones, OS- Windows Mobile/CE June 20th, 2008

Apple has been working on Sproutcore, a Javscript based framework that apparently lets you create rich content without Flash or any other runtime application. From the demos listed on web site, it does look pretty powerful. But after looking at the tutorial and other documentation, it is clear that it is hardly in alpha stage…. nowhere close to what Flash has accomplished in the last 10 years. But I am sure it will get better over time. ......continue reading

Apple’s new iPhone and price cut

Devices- iPhone, Mobile phones June 10th, 2008

Well- finally Apple is out with a new iPhone. The phone has 3G network and also built in GPS chip. (We still have to pay ridiculous amount of money for internet access and GPS service, but thats besides the point).  As if this is not enough, Steve Jobs also announced a 50% drop in price- it will now cost $199 for low end model. ......continue reading

Apple buys PA Semi

Media players, Semiconductors April 24th, 2008

Apple has purchased PA Semi.  The news story goes on to say that Apple will not consider Atom in their iPhone.  PA Semi makes low power PowerPC based chips. ......continue reading

iphone will not support Flash anytime soon

Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Mobile phones March 5th, 2008

There is an article in Apple Insider that describes why Apple won’t support Flash anytime soon. I am not surprised- some of the limitations mentioned in the article are reality, and it remains a challenge how they can be solved soon. Even with Flash Lite the CPU and RAM requirements are fairly high for a typical cell phone in todays market. Plus the fact that it is not architected to be a web plug-in. The customization required for web plug-in causes further performance loss. ......continue reading