Adobe recently updated the Flash player roadmap document. No major changes, but there are a few things worth noting. (It also reads like a subtle hint that Flash will not be innovated as rapidly on desktop. Don’t know if this is just a change in course or there’s something else to it :) Here goes.

- There are no premium features in Flash player on desktop anymore. Remember when Adobe said that they’ll charge 15% royalty on games developed using Flash that are making over 150K? Well, according to new update “The use of Stage3D APIs in conjunction with the fast-memory opcodes via the domainMemory API will be available as a standard feature without requiring that content creators enter into a separate license agreement with Adobe.”

- Flash ‘Next’ was supposed to create a new Actionscript engine with powerful features that were not meant to be backward compatible. It seems that that has been put on backburner and Adobe has decided to focus on improving existing AS engine for Flash ‘Next’. According to the white paper “Adobe will focus its future Flash Player development on top of the existing Flash Player architecture and virtual machine, and not on a completely new virtual machine and architecture (Flash Player “Next”) as was previously planned.”

Backward compatibility is definitely important and it may not be a good idea to create Flash player that will render existing content useless.  But what happens to AS4? Will it be simply delayed or if this means that Flash VM will pretty much stop at AS3 + enhancements while HTML5 takes over?

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  1. Nicolas Bousquet | February 8th, 2013 at 9:31 am

    Don’y hold your breath. Sadly for us, if there is an AVM4 one day, in the distant future, it will run the next version of javascript code.

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