Much has been debated about Steve Job’s decision to not support Flash on iPhone.  Even though 99 % of all internet enabled PCs are Flash capable , Steve decided to choose not to go with Flash. Much has been debated about Steve’s decision and the battle between two. Many people(including myself) love the functionality that Flash offers and don’t want to miss out when they start using a smart phone. Several Android phones come equipped with Flash made by prominent OEMs such as  O2 - Samsung Galaxy. Now iPhones accounted for ~ 17% smartphone share for the final quarter of 2010. So that left more than 80% of smart phone users with access (or potential access) to Flash.  Samsung, of all companies, seems to be doing great when it comes to selling smartphones (and tablets) and, not surprisingly, there’s a legal battle going on between Apple and Samsung for ‘copying ideas’.

Only time will tell outcome of the battle but even though these two companies are fighting, they seem to be collaborating big time. For example, it has been estimated that Samsung produce 25% of the components for the iPhone. This includes one of the most crucial pieces of technology in the phone: the Samsung A6 quad-core mobile processor. A while ago Apple announced that they were reconsidering their reliance on Samsung components and were in talks with TSMC (the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) to see if their processor might be replaced by some other. It appears that has not happened and Apple still relies to a surprisingly large extent on Samsung components.

As it always happens in the corporate world, they may reach settlement at some point and continue to sell their products. It is unknown if Samsung or Apple will win the war. But the role played by Flash may become prominent in determining the outcome at some point!

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