We are glad to report that we have certified Flash 10.3 on Freescale’s i.MX53 reference platform. The port runs on Android OS and uses hardware decoder for H.264. Parts of On2 and Sorenson video are also accelerated in hardware leading to a much better user experience.  Freescale’s i.MX processor is based on ARM Cortex A8. i.MX51 runs at 800 MHz whereas i.MX53 runs at 1 GHz. The i.MX53 port is built on top of the previously certified i.MX51 port and includes new security patches and some additional hardware integration. The certification is done at a resolution of 1024X768 and we feel that it may be possible to go as high as 720P resolution. (We have not run tests at this resolution yet - so no promises but a possibility :) This assumes that 20% increase in speed compared to i.MX51 and hardware integration will help).

Keep in mind that the certification requirements for Flash have become much stringent over the period of last one year or so. In the previous generation of Flash (Flash 7, FL2/3x), there were no performance or user experience tests when it came to certification. The ATS (Automatic Test Suite) as it used to be called back then, contained only feature tests. With widespread adaption of Flash, things have become much more complicated. ATS is now replaced by DCTS (Device Certification Test Suite). DCTS not only contains feature tests, but also performance and user experience test. Flash certification is tied to actual user experience in some 100 web sites that test the system functionality in entirety. In running DCTS, Flash is thoroughly exercised along with browser, OS and the entire driver stack. So really entire platform is stress tested and getting through certification is indeed a milestone.

If you are an OEM interested in getting Flash on i.MX53 , feel free to drop me a line and I’d be happy to point you in right direction.

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