Well, I have been lazy when it comes to writing a blog of late, but here I am. Lot of things have happened since my last post and the world of multimedia continues to get as interesting as it could. Flash has been upgraded to Flash 11 and AIR 3 is now available. The greatest improvement in Flash 11, Stage 3D (previously known as Molehill), promises to revolutionize the gaming industry with stunning 3D capabilities.

We’ve also recently received the latest Flash 11 code drop from Adobe and are in the process of starting several projects with it. However, the Stage3D APIs are not yet available in the ‘embedded’ version (one that is used for porting). Also, since OpenGL implementation is platform specific, the speed advantages offered by implementing Stage3D will be dependent on the hardware underneath.

AIR has two distinct implementations from a porting point of view- there’s AIR for Mobile - which is suited for CE devices with small screen size such as tablets and PMPs, and then there’s AIR for TV. AIR for TV is suited more for digital home and large screen devices. Watch us making some announcements in the future for AIR for TV.

The native extensions offered by AIR are perhaps one of the strongest features of AIR. Using native extensions, developers can get access to ‘device specific’ features such as vibration and sensor controls. In software terms, extensions essentially allow you to come out of the thread running Flash, and go to the OS underneath and execute program directly.

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