Adobe has announced that Flash 10.3 is now available. According to Adobe, “Flash Player 10.3 improves stability, enhances security and user privacy protection, and provides new desktop video and audio capabilities for enterprises and developers”. Not all the features are available on 10.3 mobile though- in fact the key feature that allows application developers access to analytics data is not available on mobile. This is not surprising given the fact that the Omniture engine is for desktop environment and will not be available until it is ported to Android or some other mobile platform.

It would seem as thought 10.2 and 10.3 have come in at almost the same time. 10.2 beta has been available for some time now, and the only reason 10.2 final was held up was because some of the optimizations in 10.2 were tied to Honeycomb release. So as soon as Honeycomb was ‘officially’ released, 10.2 was also released. 10.3 in the meantime continued development and came soon after 10.2

Take a look at the release notes here. There are several interesting enhancements pertaining to audio and video.

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