Google has recently announced that they are dropping support for H.264 in Chrome browser. What this means that the developers wanting to use H.264 video in their HTML5 content will have to encode it using WebM or Theora video codecs. WebM is based on the On2 technology’s VP8  codec that Google acquired last year.

This is going to fragment the browser market even more for video support. Internet Explorer and Safari for example will not support WebM/Theora whereas Chrome and Firefox will support WebM/Theora.  So the content developers may be forced to encode videos in multiple formats in order to support multitude of browsers.

This is a good news for Flash supporters. Flash 10 supports H.264, there’s speculation that WebM will also be supported. Flash plugs into all the browsers and anyone using Flash to playback video will be able to play it back successfully no matter which browser they are using. So more and more content publishers are likely to choose Flash to minimize the dependence on browser.

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