Here are some tidbits from CES:

- LG was showing a OLED TV that was 2.8mm thick. Picture looked quite impressive. (How do they manage to keep it streight ;)

- 3D TV was hot as always. Hitachi was demo’ing 3D TV without glasses. The picture looked good but I thought it looks better with glasses. There were all kinds of other displays with 3D- Laptop with 3D display, 3D monitor, even wearable 3D display glasses by Vuzix. Some people I spoke to didn’t like watching in 3D but my next TV purchase will most definitely be 3D.

- I couldn’t even keep track of how many tablets I saw. They all were running Android. Only one or two were running Linux. Primary reason for not running Linux? Linux doesn’t have good touch screen support like Android.

- Connected media players are hot. I have my PC connected to my TV via a simple handheld remote watch internet TV but pretty soon there will be several devices in the market that’ll allow me to do same. Flash support will of course be crucial to success.

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