I was at CES last week and saw many interesting gadgets. I’ll write more on that as I get time but something I thought was a must mention was MIPS based smartphone running Android. MIPS is generally associated with home entertainment and ARM with smartphones. But it seems that everyone is trying to go after the other’s markets these days - if ARM is going after Home Entertainment so why not MIPS? At the MIPS demo suite, I saw demo of a phone running Android 2.1 on MIPS 34Kc class processor. The CPU was manufactured by a Chinese SoC and the phone incidently was also being sold in Chinese market as a low end smartphone. What made a it interesting was that the CPU ran at 400 MHz and manufactured using 0.13 micron technology. The phone ran Android 2.1 and one would have expected that a 400 MHz phone running Android would give mediocre performance.

But to my surprise when I started playing with the phone, I found that the applications are coming up faster than my MyTouch. Calender, contact, calculator, web - all loaded faster. Even video played flawlessly. Was that a because phone was running an insanely optimized Android port or MIPS 34Kc is a powerful CPU (or a combination of both)?

I then asked company folks if I can take a video and post in blog to which they gladly oblidged. Take a look at the video here and you can decide yourself!

There were also some tablets running Android on MIPS platform and they also performed just as good.

Very interesting indeed! Now where is that Windows 7 for MIPS?

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  1. Utsav | March 18th, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Thanks! Nice video. I believe there are faster MIPS processors too.

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