So I finally settled on a phone that I can keep for some time…. T Mobile Mytouch 4G. It comes with Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1. Having inside access to Flash, I was a bit worried at first as to how Flash would perform and if  it would crash at sites where I’d expect it to crash and if H.264 decoded video would be flawless… but WOW! I am impressed with the performance and overall experience of Flash 10.1 on Mytouch.

Being from India, I am (obviously) a cricket fan. I often go to websites like or to find the ‘live’ cricket match when its being played. Well, I happen to stumble on some ‘blog’ site transmitting ‘live’ cricket and just for the heck of it, I though I tried it on Mytouch. And WOW…. it actually looked better than my PC! I mean my PC dropped frames frequently since H.264 was being decoded in software. But, my phone was doing better than PC because the decoding was apparently in hardware. Of course 4G helps…..(it is not really 4G - its more like 3.5G  - although I like the download speeds I am getting- but T Mobile likes to call it 4G)

Then just for the heck of it, I thought I’d try something fancy. I went to hulu. As expected, video did not stream and the notice popped up “Hello we notice that you are trying to accessHulu from Android. It’s not available but we are trying hard to bring Hulu plus subscription to Android… stay tuned”… This was expected as Hulu uses RTMPE. No surprises there and perhaps Hulu may be trying to capitalize on millions of Android users. Then I went to…. and sure enough… all videos played! Then I continued… youtube, bbc….. and so on.. . I was able to play video from all sites without any issues!!

Hats off to the team that worked on Mytouch. The Flash implementation is indeed solid and will definitely put iPhone behind competition!

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