OK- so I am ready to renew my contract with TMobile and noticed that Nokia E73 is available. Having been an avid Nokia user back when there were no smart phones, I decided to try it out. The specs were pretty good, and so were the reviews. I was generally impressed with the phone when I played with it at the store- until I actually started using it….

Now I am a typical business user. My goal in having a smartphone is to maximize productivity and use once in a while to have fun with games, youtube- whatever. I consider myself an above above average ‘tech savvy’ person and expect to be able to solve general problems (not that I succeed every time but that’s a different story!)

So for a smartphone, my expectation is that I should be able to figure out most of the things without having to look into manual or google it. If solution to a problem is not found in 5 minutes, it is not worth it.

Case in point: email on E73. I managed to set up email without any problem. Downloading was success too. But after waiting 10 minutes I notice that the emails simply won’t go beyond Aug 15th. Why? I look around and find an option that sets the device to download 20 emails only. But apparently by default it downloads the “first” 20 emails on the server which happen to be 30 days old. (I store 30 days worth emails on the server).

Then I set the option to download ‘all’ emails and my phone is now almost dysfunctional for the next 1 hour as I have 1000s of emails on my server! Even after downloading all, my phone hung frequently while browsing emails.

When after spending a day when I could not get all the functionality to work, I promptly decided to return the phone and went back to my Blackberry. I am sure there is a solution available to this and would have been able to find it eventually but my 5 minute rule basically told me not to migrate!!

Now I gotta find some other phone that doesn’t take two days of my time setting up email and what not! Sigh…

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  1. Sina | May 17th, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Profimail is the way to go. Nokias clients sucks.

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