I am sure several of you saw a notice pop-up on your PC in the morning about the latest Flash update from Adobe ….. Yes, that’s right- Flash player 10.1 is now officially available. Adobe Flash player team’s blog lists all the enhancements in fairly detail. A look at comments also gives you a glimpse into joy and grievances of public. The thing about Flash is that it is so powerful that no matter how many enhancements you make to it, there will always be something else to do. Adobe’s team does deserve a big round of applause for releasing FP10.1 on schedule.

For several embedded platforms, we’ll (Calsoft) also start shipping Flash player 10.1 soon. In fact, there will be some announcements coming from us in the near future. Flash 10.1 and Flash Lite 4 on ARM will be available first on different chip sets followed by others. Availability of acceleration (OpenGL for FP10, OpenVG for FL4, H.264 video for both) makes the FP10 and FL4 stand out from previous Flash players (not to mention the features). Besides a lot more chipsets are now available that offer these features in hardware enabling a better user experience. With the availability of Flash 10.1, both embedded and desktop devices are on the common ground in that they’ll be able to play all the latest content available on the web.

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