Did you know that Google engineers get to spend 20% of their time working on their ‘pet-projects‘? Pretty cool. One of such ‘pet-project’ done by Google engineers was creation of Quake II using HTML5 only. The game runs in browser and no plug-in is needed. The blog also shows a yotube video of the post, and claims that it can run at upto 60 fps. On the first glance, the news sounds really exciting and one would think that html5 is ready to take on Flash. Granted this game doesn’t use some of the advanced features available in Flash 10, but still makes on wander if they should reconsider using Flash… Not so fast…. wait till you get to ‘build instructions‘.

To get this to work, one need to install Ogg Vorbis alongwith Java and Lame. Now Java is the most common on every machine and is likely to be found on an average user’s computer, but not Ogg Vorbis (for video) and Lame (for mp3). How many average users know about Ogg Vorbis and Lame? And how many would be willing to install it o run a particular application? This is precisely why Flash will continue to dominate for the time being.

But who knows? Browsers of tomorrow may start shipping with Ogg Vorbis and Lame and then Flash could be in serious trouble. (Although that is unlikely as browsers traditionally have not included any video decoders).

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2 Comments to “Quake II in HTML5”

  1. zlugg | April 6th, 2010 at 1:57 am

    “To get this to work, one need to install Ogg Vorbis alongwith Java and Lame.”
    No, no, no… To compile the source code you need it. To play it you need a browser like chromium.

  2. Ross | April 6th, 2010 at 4:50 am

    Yeah it is interesting to see examples like this of HTML5 features.

    Though as you point Flash continues to have a major piece of the market place. I was just thinking it would be really interesting to see Flash version penetration to browser penetration. Maybe a stat that hasn’t been highlighted though I’m always amazed at the quick uptake of each player version. I’m not anti HTML5 but I can’t see HTML5 having major penetration for a while yet. I think Adobe has to take credit for getting out new features to the masses seamlessly and quickly.

    Would be cool to see Google and Mircosoft teaming up on this one to get HTML5 out as the de facto standard but I can dream.

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