Flash Lite 4 is now available from Calsoft. Flash Lite 4 is intended to run on devices that don’t sport a powerful CPU necessary to run Flash Player 10. (Flash 10 requires the CPU of the order of a minimum of 600 MHz ARM11 class. Of course some people will argue that MIPS 4K series is better than ARM11, but that is left to the judges for the time being :)

Flash Lite 4 is available as both standalone and plug-in. Flash 10 is only available as a plug-in and therefore is not suited for applications and user interface development. Adobe’s intent is to enable the uniform browsing experience with Flash 10 and Flash 10 will not support any device specific features no matter which platform you run it on. FL4 on the other hand is customizable and can be customized for different applications.

Flash Lite 4 supports ActionScript 3 and the VM is optimized for memory usage. Similar to FL3, FL4 ignores several ‘high-end’ features of Flash such as gradient and filters. Flash Lite can also be customized to play hardware accelerated h.264 video.

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