I came across this blog on Cultofmac.com. Here the author sites some unknown source from Reddit and says that Flash in its present form consumed significant battery on iPhone and was one of the reasons why Apple rejected it. The post has quite a bit of information on why Flash was rejected by Apple. Again I don’t know how much truth is to the story but you can read the post here.

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One Comment to “Interesting post about Flash Lite on iPhone”

  1. John Dowdell | November 9th, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    hmm, so someone who self-identified as “a Mac blogger” copies an (unlinked) forum post, presumably from a pseudonymous writer, who quotes from an unmentioned friend of his, to make a case on a month-old story about iPhone requests at adobe.com getting better info.

    The whole Apple-oriented segment of the blogosphere is getting even stranger these days…. ;-)


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