Some of you have must have seen the documents published by Adobe on devnet that talk about several details of the Flash Lite digital home platform. One of the powerful features of the Flash Lite for digital home is the ability to be able to extend Actionscript. You can create your own Actionscript commands, define them and implement corresponding logic in Flash Lite code. For example, you can have a command to change volume of TV, or channel or fetch updated data for an ad- etc. etc. This is a very powerful feature and is available for Flash Lite on digital home devices.

Of course implementing this is not as straightforward as it sounds and you have to either get source code or a development kit from companies such as ours to be able to implement.  The steps to implement actionscript extenstions, in a nutshell are as follows:

1. Define actionscript command via .as file

2. Define corresponding C++ code that implements the behavior

3. Create a new player that is knowlegeable about the extension

4. Create a swf file that uses the extension

I have been working on putting together an application note, and will publish it in due time.

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