Here’s a cool application for digital home.  Boxee is designed to be used on a TV screen and remote. Boxee runs on your laptop and via specialized UI, allows one to bring up applications, games, photos etc. on the TV.  It is still running on your laptop and is only available for Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu and Apple TV. There is a remote control application available for iPhone. (Without spending time reading specs, my guess is that to be able to extend this to use general purpose remotes, you’d need some kind of special hardware/receiver on your laptop.) It requires a CPU running at 1 GHz or faster. Boxee is also using Twitter like ‘follow me’ model in which you can follow other users and recommend them shows.

So basically what Boxee is doing is converting your laptop to TV. Via remote you can navigate the menu and bring up different applications.  Boxee works off of browser engine so it will be portable. It is still in alpha stage, and has some time to go before it becomes commercial, but being open source I am sure it will be watched closely and definitely has a potential.

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