Very recently HD video sites have started popping all over and this seems to be a trend. Quite a few of them are using Flash as their front end. For example, I came accross a HD video site The site is specifically designed for Greenville SC area and has a collection of videos on different topics. I happen to click on ‘arts and entertainment’ and sure enough there was a video from local instructor on Salsa which was fun to watch. I was watching it on broadband and the video played just fine. The site has got quite a broad range of topics from jobs to entertainment to shopping to technology.

Video seems to be one of the most popular medium to market across the internet. Add HD to that and the stuff gets even more attractive. I mean a departmental store could be using such video portal, and selling their stuff.  For someone living nearby, this is a great addition to the TV channel. As long as new content keeps on coming the visitor would want to bookmark the site. If one wants to ’see’ what that Chinese restaurant that they’ve always been wanting to go, they can go to this web site click on the restaurant’s video and get a feel for what the ambience is like and what the menu looks like.  I wish there was something like this for Boston (may be there is and I just don’t know about it! Hint for entrepreneurs….)

Will TV start bringing such sites to you or will Internet win? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain, content streaming technology is now ready to serve you HD content on your PC. Did you miss that 4th of July fireworks? No problem- you can visit the HD video site of your local town and watch video at convenient time. Welcome to 21st century.

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