I came accross this a while ago. KDB Technologies, based in Cambridge, UK, has developed a tool called as EBoda. The tool allows you to run Flash Lite content on any phone that has support for J2ME.  The description on their web site is brief, but says that “EBoda is a lightweight yet powerful JAVA application for running Adobe Flash applications without the need for Flash Lite. Unlike Flash Light, EBoda is designed to run on low to mid-range phones.

This sounds too good to be true. Flash Lite as it is requires a powerful CPU and when you add emulation on top of that, the requirements are going to get worse. So even of the solution works, one could do even more limited things compared to Flash Lite.

It is also not clear what version of the Flash Lite this tool supports. It is unlikely that EBoda will have a complete support fot Flash Lite 3. The brochure available on the KDB web site suggests that EBoda is a J2ME application that reads in swf directly. So essentially it looks like its a java based Flash player. If that’s the case, then the performance is likely to be worse than Flash as Java is more CPU intensive than C/C++ that is used by Flash Lite.

However, I am sure the folks at KDB have cracked some of the difficult problems related to Flash emulation on Java. This is a great tool for application developers as well as OEMs and will allow widespread deployment of Flash applications.

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