CNN Money published an article a while ago on how Adobe is lagging behind in mobile market and how it is becoming ‘irrelevent’ in mobile market. I’d like to argue is that the race has just begun and it remains to be seen who emerges winner. The reasons are as follows.

  • Mobile phone is not like desktop PC- it has limited CPU and smaller screen size. One can never use Flash or other technology just the way they’d use for PC. So there will be two different versions of Flash (or other application) no matter. It will be foolish to think that the gradients that require 2 GHz CPU will run equally well on a 400 MHz smartphone.
  • Author argues that Flash’s lack of ubiquitous presence on the mobile devices is attracting mobile developers to other technologies to develop applications. While this is true to some extent, there is no uniform platform on mobile devices yet. Microsoft, Apple, Blackberry, Google- all have their own platforms and the application written for one does not work on the other. What is not available is the marketplace that Apple and Google offer- something Adobe can provide.
  • If Adobe plays its cards well in next year or so, it can easily make into iPhone and Gphone. It has already announced plans of availability for Microsoft Windows, and I don’t know if any efforts are underway for Blackberry. I think if Flash is available into these models, I think most of the smartphone market is covered and Flash Lite has a real chance to emerge as a winner.

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2 Comments to “CNN Money’s review of Adobe’s Flash strategy for Smartphones”

  1. DjacK | April 6th, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    An Adobe Exec was seen demoing the Flash player running on an ARM based phone at the MAX conference in 2008. I would expect a Flash player for iphone and android near the end of 2009. Any phone that has a mouse ability like a blackberry with its omni scroll-ball, should be able to interact with Flash content the same as on a desktop, the trick is making it work in touch screen environments which have no RollOver functionality. Similarly the less powerful hardware on a phone can be accounted for by a lighter weight Adobe virual Machine in the Flash player than the most recent AVM2. Also, as mobile devices get more powerful, the demand for more powerful content will drive up the demand for Flash content, so the future will only get better for the platform, not worse.


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