Calsoftlabs, Intel and Adobe have been working on putting together an evaluation port for customers looking to develop devices using Intel’s Canmore. Intel Canmore, a media processor chip, also known as CE3100 is X86 based SoC. The chip is targeted towards consumer electronics products such as digital TV, set-top box, blue ray DVD and IPTV. The media processor combines leading-edge CE features for high-definition video support, home-theater quality audio and advanced 3-D graphics, with and offers performance, flexibility and compatibility of IA-based hardware and software.

The Flash Lite port is available on the Linux platform provided by Intel and can be made available to the OEMs upon filling out and evaluation form. Please email me if you need additional information.

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  1. Jophn Burns | February 21st, 2009 at 8:38 am

    We are interested in your Intel Canmore Flash Lite evaluation port available from Calsoftlabs

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