Welcome to Embeddedflash.com. Its 2014 and the landscape in multimedia world has changed quite a bit HTML5 standard is complete and Flash is no longer existent on mobile. I've also taken a short break from blog but I hope to restart it in the near future. I am no longer functioning as Adobe's Scaling Partner and looking for new opportunities. If you are looking for a technically savvy, energetic business development, marketing or sales person, please email me.

More on Flash Lite 4

Flash Lite ports July 9th, 2010

There seems to be lot of curiosity around Flash Lite 4, especially since Adobe is not spending any marketing efforts to promote it. In our opinion, Flash Lite 4 is an excellent solution for embedded devices since Flash 10 will be too ‘heavy’ given the limitations of CPU and memory for embedded devices. Flash Lite 4 offers the same portability that Flash Lite/FLDH offered (i.e. can be ported to Linux Framebuffer for example),  H.264 acceleration is easier to implement and there are very restrictions on what can be done with FL4. (Flash 10 must be a plug-in in contrast). You could easily have an API based version of FL4 that suites your requirements and do fancy things with it. ......continue reading

Youtube will stick with Flash for foreseeable future

Flash Lite ports July 8th, 2010

Youtbube API blog posted by John Harding suggests that Youtube has no intention to switching to HTML5 to serve youtube videos. The blog post goes onto list several shortcomings of HTML5 that prevents Youtube from making a switch and suggests that youtube will stick with Flash for some time - especially now that Flash has announced that it will support VP8 codec in future Flash releases. DRM, streaming, microphone/camera support, video embedding- stuff that Youtube lives off- all seems to go in favor of Flash. ......continue reading