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Microsoft introducing mPhone to compete with iPhone?

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Flash Lite 3, Mobile phones, OS- Windows Mobile/CE April 29th, 2009

According to a report in Wall Street Journal, Microsoft and Verizon are working on creating a phone that’ll compete with iPhone. The phone will be based on Windows Mobile and is scheduled to be released in early 2010. ......continue reading

1 million G-1s sold by TMobile

Android, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Google, Mobile phones April 27th, 2009

Information week is reporting that TMobile has sold 1 million G-1s in last 6 month. In comparison, Apple’s iPhone 3G sold 1 million units worldwide in its lauch weekend and possibly took about a month to sell 1 million units in the United States. Blackberry storm also reached 1 million mark in 3 months. ......continue reading

New Sidekick from T-Mobile will support Flash Lite 3

Devices- Cellphones, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Mobile applications, Mobile phones April 21st, 2009

TMobile is introducing new Sidekick soon. The new phone is packed with quite a few powerful features and supports 3G. According to Infosyncworld, the web browser will support Flash Lite 3. Sidekick software platform is developed by Danger and from what I’ve known is based on Linux. Danger has a developer commmunity web site where users can download the SDK. ......continue reading

Flash Lite to non-Flash Lite Mobile Phones

Devices- Cellphones, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, Mobile applications, Video Technology April 14th, 2009

I came accross this a while ago. KDB Technologies, based in Cambridge, UK, has developed a tool called as EBoda. The tool allows you to run Flash Lite content on any phone that has support for J2ME.  The description on their web site is brief, but says that “EBoda is a lightweight yet powerful JAVA application for running Adobe Flash applications without the need for Flash Lite. Unlike Flash Light, EBoda is designed to run on low to mid-range phones. ......continue reading

CNN Money’s review of Adobe’s Flash strategy for Smartphones

Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- iPhone, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, OS- Windows Mobile/CE, Wireless Carriers April 3rd, 2009

CNN Money published an article a while ago on how Adobe is lagging behind in mobile market and how it is becoming ‘irrelevent’ in mobile market. I’d like to argue is that the race has just begun and it remains to be seen who emerges winner. The reasons are as follows. ......continue reading