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Myracer: Flash based gaming console

Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Embedded, Devices- Handheld, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite ports, Processors- ARM November 27th, 2008

Myracer, a Korean OEM, has released a gaming console that is entirely Flash based.  The devices is based on 192 MHz ARM, and has 1 GB of RAM. According to this blog, the screen is 2.4 inches and is 320X240. It is not clear if full desktop Flash player is available of the device, but my guess is its not. Given the CPU speed, it is unlikely that users will get a good experience with Flash 9 or 10. ......continue reading

Apple sued over iPhone mobile browser

Browsers, Devices- Embedded, Devices- iPhone, Mobile phones November 25th, 2008

Fiercemobilecontent is reporting that a startup EMG Technology has filed a lawsuit against Apple, The lawsuite alleges that Apple is violating one of its patent in developing the mobile web browser. The article seems to suggest that the lawsuite has no merit, and will most likely will not go to far. ......continue reading

ARM and Adobe optimizing Flash 10 for ARMv6 and ARMv7

Devices- Cellphones, Flash Enabled Devices, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, Processors- ARM November 25th, 2008

At the recent MAX conference, Adobe has given some more details about the upcoming Openscreen initiative. In a presentation by Matthew Miller, Director of Mobile and Devices, EMEA, told that Adobe has been working with ARM to optimize Flash for ARMv6 and ARMv7. ARMv6 and v7 are used in ARM11 and Cortex, and will be predominantly used in future cell phones. Adam Cohen has posted some of the highlights from the presentation on his blog. ......continue reading

Adobe announces OTA Flash Lite player

Desktop Flash Player, Devices- Cellphones, Devices- Handheld, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Mobile applications, OS- Windows Mobile/CE, Operating Systems November 24th, 2008

At last week’s MAX conference, Adobe announced that Flash Lite OTA package is now available to developers. What this means is that Flash Lite can now be included in the release package. Developers no longer need to worry if the device already has Flash installed on a particular device or not. The package is available for Symbian and Windows Mobile OS, and a complete list of devices is available on Adobe web site. ......continue reading

Mobile Mozilla browser released

Browsers, Media players, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, OS- Windows Mobile/CE November 17th, 2008

Nokia 810, the internet tablet has an alpha version of mobile Mozilla browser according the a report in Information Week. The company supposedly is also working on a browser for Windows Mobile. A beta version is expected later this year, and first release in 2009.  The browser, code named Fennec, is available for downloading only to developers as it is an alpha release. ......continue reading

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 for Windows Mobile supports Flash Lite

Browsers, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Flash Lite ports, Media players, Mobile phones, OS- Windows Mobile/CE, Video Technology November 13th, 2008

Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer mobile 6 will be available soon. So Microsoft is defitely gettign ready to compete with Opera. Opera launched a new version of Opera that has improved support for YouTube and allows for sharing of bookmarks between cellphones and PCs. From the post: ......continue reading

JavaFX: new competition to Flash?

Desktop Flash Player, Flash Enabled Devices, Media players, Mobile applications, Mobile phones, Silverlight November 11th, 2008

Sun has recenlty announced a new technology called JavaFX. JavaFX will have a scripting language similar to Actionscript, and will operate in a similar manner to Javascript. JavaFX will also have a timline engine similar to the one offered by Flash. JavaFX applications will run within or outside of the browser. The application can run with or without the internet connections. ......continue reading

How does On2 VP6 work?

Desktop Flash Player, Flash Lite 3, H.264, mpeg and other media codecs, On2 and Sorenson/FLV, Video Technology November 5th, 2008

There is a great article in Video/Image design line, a plublication on CMP/EE Times. The article explains how the decoder is similar yet different from any DCT based codec, and what tricks are used to achieve best quality video. VP6, as you know, is used in Flash 8 onwards. ......continue reading

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has Flash Lite with Opera

Browsers, Devices- Cellphones, Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, OS- Windows Mobile/CE, Processors- ARM November 4th, 2008

XPERIA X1 Hands-On by WMExperts I came accross this post on mobiletechaddicts.com. It says that the Flash Lite plugin is available for Xperia X1 and works well with Opera. I have not seen X1 in action yet (and I don’t think its available with any carrier in US yet), but it looks like a cool device. X1 has dual ARM core running at 528 MHz and is running Windows Mobile 6. With 128 MB RAM, I think it has enough juice to run Flash content even from youtube. The post does talk about a ‘lag’ in youtube content, which may even come from slow network. ......continue reading