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HTC coming up with BIOMetric phone

Devices- Embedded, Mobile phones May 28th, 2008

                    Here’s an interesting interface to phone- biometric sensor to read your fingerprints. Apparently HTC is coming with such device. It is not known how and where it’ll be used. ......continue reading

Flash Lite available on BREW platform

Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Mobile phones May 28th, 2008

    qcom              flash-logo                      There is a recent announcement from Adobe and Qualcomm that Flash technology will be available on BREW platform. BREW- Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless - allows developers to create portable application for CDMA chipset based phones. The release says ......continue reading

Sony Ericsson Flash Lite Development Docs

Flash Lite 3, Mobile applications, Mobile phones May 28th, 2008

   sony-ericsson logo         For the mobile phone applicatation developers interested in writing for Sony Ericsson devices, there is a nice collection of documents on Sony Ericsson Flash Lite developer site. Take a look. ......continue reading

Windows mobile to grow at 50% over next two years

Mobile phones, Operating Systems May 28th, 2008

         Msft logo             Microsoft claims that Windows Mobile OS will grow at 50% over the next two years. Total shipment of WinMobile devices is expected to be 20 million this year. ......continue reading

NXP, Freescale and Infineon merger

Flash Player 7 SDK, Semiconductors May 28th, 2008

A recent blog in EDN suggests that Infineon CEO was ousted because of difference of strategy with the board and hints that a merger of NXP, Freescale and Infineon is possible. This is not surprising considering the fact that the average price of chip is dropping, margins are shrinking even though the volume is increasing.  It is just a matter of time when today’s top 10 companies merge into 3 or 4 large companies. ......continue reading

Who needs mp3 format? Lossless compression coming to portable devices

Media players May 21st, 2008

Austria Microsystems has introduced a media player IC that handles lossless compression. The story goes on to saying that people apparently are not impressed with the audio quality of mp3s compared to CDs. ......continue reading

Myspace, mocospace, facebook among top 5 sites in US for Opera users

Browsers, Mobile applications, Mobile phones May 21st, 2008

operalogo_300dpi.jpg             Opera has released a report of the surfing habits of its users for Q1/08. The report lists top 10 sites in the US, and a few other countries. The report says that .mobi domain accounted for only 23% of all traffic.  The top 10 list for US is as follows: ......continue reading

How to choose RTOS

Devices- Embedded, Operating Systems May 19th, 2008

There is a great article written by John Carbone- VP Marketing of Express Logic on the criterion one should keep in mind when choosing RTOS.  What I like is that it is not entirely marketing pitch where the article focuses on how great their company’s solucion is. ......continue reading

Adobe Flash 10 beta available

Flash Player 7 SDK, Media players May 16th, 2008

Flash Player Logo                   Adobe Flash player 10 beta is now available.  Among the feature enhanacement it boasts more 3D effects, more filters, 3D apis, better text layout. Did I say that it is optimized for CPU? And it is supposed to play video much smoothly than Flash 9. (Everybody must have seen how Flash 9 randomly drops frames in full screen mode). ......continue reading

Skyfire beta on TMobile Dash (doesn’t work?!?)

Browsers May 9th, 2008

             I am sure you’ve heard of Skyfire- the new browser that allows you to experience desktop quality browsing on your cell phone. Their demonstration on youtube was very interesting(see below), and I was curious to find out more about them. So I signed up for beta program, and I got SMS yesterday saying that my release is ready. They have made two releases- one for WM phones with touchscreen, other without. ......continue reading

What’s up with embedded linux?

Devices- Embedded, Operating Systems May 6th, 2008

linux logo There’s a nice article in EE Times comparing and contrasting embedded linux to other OSes available. Bottomline is that, one should use Linux if they know what they are doing. If you are a starter, and don’t have much expertise in OSes, you are better off going with WinCE or Nucleus (but you’ll end up paying royalties!). You decide…. ......continue reading

Openscreen project- more analysis

Devices- Embedded, Flash Lite 3, Mobile phones May 5th, 2008

flash-logo  Adobelogo OK- now that I have had some more time to ponder (and speak to different people), here’s what I think is going to happen with the announcement. Specifically Adobe announced 4 major things.  ......continue reading

More on Verizon’s ‘Open Door’ policy

Mobile phones May 5th, 2008

verizon-logo I came accross another post on Verizon’s ODI (Open Development Initiative). Looks like you’ll be able to use Sprint CDMA phones on Verizon as long as they work with Verizon’s 800/1900 MHz network.  I think we are moving in the right direction….  ......continue reading

Adobe unveils Open Screen Project

Flash Player 7 SDK May 1st, 2008

Adobelogo OK- this news is going to come as big surprise to some people- Adobe is opening up swf and flv- and also publishing Flash platform code (that’ll allow you to port Flash to your device)…. ......continue reading