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TIECON East 2008

Flash Lite ports March 31st, 2008

For those of you in Boston area may know that TIECON East 2008 is taking place this year on May 29 and 30 in Westin Hotel in Waltham. TIE Boston is a part of global TIE organization that promotes entreprenuership. (In other words, you go to TIE to meet VCs, and raise capital!) TIE bosts pretty much all the major VC firms as its sponsors, and maintains a roster of successful entrepernuers as its officers. ......continue reading

Verizon’s ‘Open Development Initiative’ doesnt’ look quite open

Mobile phones March 28th, 2008

News have been surfacing about Verizon’s Open Development Intitiave recently. Verizon’g ODI initiative touts multiple ways of doing business.  One, the hardware company will develop a device that Verizon will certify. Then they can sell the hardware independently in a store. Second, companies will purchase the air/data time from Verizon, and will bundle their device with the plan, and sell it to the consumers. Third, companies will offer both airtime and device to the users for something very customized such as a wireless monitoring service for medical industry. ......continue reading

Graphene may end silicon era

Flash Lite ports March 27th, 2008

Graphene, a single atom thick sheet of graphite, offers significantly higher mobility than any known semiconductor material known till date according to recent article in EDN. It could be easily customized to be used in computer chips, to biometric sensors to high frequency communication chips. Yet another emerging technology that could mark end of silicon era! ......continue reading

Live streaming to Flash Lite enabled device

Flash Lite 3 March 27th, 2008

n96I am accross an interesting blog that tells how to stream video to Fl3 enabled device written by Pasi Manninen. It gives you step by step instructions on how you can broadcast live video. ......continue reading

One in three phones to be smartphone by 2013

Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Mobile phones March 24th, 2008

A recent study by ABI research points that every one in three user of phones will have a smartphone by 2013. This number currently stands at 10%(one user in every ten users). Considering the buzz generated by Apple’s iPhone, this is not surprising. ......continue reading

Intel’s Atom: ARM killer?

Devices- Embedded, Semiconductors March 22nd, 2008

Intel recently announced a new brand name for its low power processor family- ‘Atom’. These processors have Core 2 duo instruction set, and is meant for consumer and mobile devices, a market currently dominated by ARM. Intel hopes to wrestle significant market share from ARM when the device starts shipping. ......continue reading

Room temperature superconductors

Semiconductors March 20th, 2008

A recent article in EETimes describes that researchers at University of Saskatchewan created material that becomes superconducting at room temperature.  Superconductors are characterized by zero resistance, and can be used to make digital switches, batteries, transistors- what not. If the claims are proved correct, this could be beginning of a new era! ......continue reading

You tube everywhere…….

Browsers, Flash Lite 3 March 18th, 2008

youtubelogo ......continue reading

Flash player coming to your windows mobile device soon….

Flash Lite 3 March 17th, 2008

Even though Microsoft is pushing hard on silverlite, it apparently sees the value in having Adobe Flash on the cell phones. The announcement today basically said that the future versions of Windows Mobile will include Flash player. It also says that the Flash player will not cost the users anything additional. ......continue reading

Microsoft Silverlight for mobile devices unveiled at MIX2008

Silverlight March 7th, 2008

Take a look at the MIX2008 web site. It has quite a bit of interesting stuff about SIlverlight. Oh and to watch some of the videos, you’ll have to install ‘Silverlight’ player! I just installed it. Now I wonder what is going to happen to Flash player …. ;) ......continue reading

iphone will not support Flash anytime soon

Flash Enabled Devices, Flash Lite 3, Mobile phones March 5th, 2008

There is an article in Apple Insider that describes why Apple won’t support Flash anytime soon. I am not surprised- some of the limitations mentioned in the article are reality, and it remains a challenge how they can be solved soon. Even with Flash Lite the CPU and RAM requirements are fairly high for a typical cell phone in todays market. Plus the fact that it is not architected to be a web plug-in. The customization required for web plug-in causes further performance loss. ......continue reading

Nokia’s shape changing phone thats also a watch, an ornament, PC…

Mobile phones March 4th, 2008

Take a look at the nano-technology based concept phone from Nokia. Now thats what I’d like as my next phone! ......continue reading

Oregon networks’ Flash player

Devices- Embedded, Flash Enabled Devices March 2nd, 2008

Oregon networks has a Flash clone player capable of playing Flash 7 content. Oregon networks offers solutions for home media networking, and claim that their products can run on set top boxes, handheld devices, gaming consoles, dvd players etc. ......continue reading